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Half of voters think Biden is not in good health

President Biden turns 79 Saturday. Voter doubts are growing about his health.

According to Politico:

Voters have increasing doubts about the health and mental fitness of President Joe Biden, the oldest man ever sworn into the White House, according to a new POLITICO/Morning Consult poll.

Only 40 percent of voters surveyed agreed with the statement that Biden “is in good health,” while 50 percent disagreed. That 10-percentage-point gap — outside the poll’s margin of error — represents a massive 29-point shift since October 2020, when Morning Consult last surveyed the question and found voters believed Biden was in good health by a 19-point margin.

Asked whether Biden is mentally fit, voters are almost evenly split, with 46 percent saying he is and 48 percent disagreeing. But that negative 2-point margin stands in stark contrast to Biden’s numbers last October, when voters believed he was mentally fit by a 21-point margin.

4 thoughts on “Half of voters think Biden is not in good health”

  1. And these F–ING IDIOTS =”half-of-voters”… just figured out Biden is SENILE & WEAK & CLUELESS…???!!!

    ‘Democracy is overrated.’
    -House of Cards

  2. Only reason Joe is still where he is because Kamala is less likable.

    Hillary with all her baggage would have been a better pick! She’d have invoked the 25th too by now… haha!

  3. Remember all those other folks on the DNC debate….. Wonder what THEY all think about our situation right now. It would be fascinating to get them into a room and hear honest commentary…. again, from the left candidates.


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