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Biden advisers have had it with Kamala Harris and her staff: CNN

Apparently, the dysfunction we see in front o the cameras is also occurring behind them.

According to CNN:

Worn out by what they see as entrenched dysfunction and lack of focus, key West Wing aides have largely thrown up their hands at Vice President Kamala Harris and her staff — deciding there simply isn’t time to deal with them right now, especially at a moment when President Joe Biden faces quickly multiplying legislative and political concerns.

The exasperation runs both ways. Interviews with nearly three dozen former and current Harris aides, administration officials, Democratic operatives, donors and outside advisers — who spoke extensively to CNN — reveal a complex reality inside the White House. Many in the vice president’s circle fume that she’s not being adequately prepared or positioned, and instead is being sidelined. The vice president herself has told several confidants she feels constrained in what she’s able to do politically. And those around her remain wary of even hinting at future political ambitions, with Biden’s team highly attuned to signs of disloyalty, particularly from the vice president . . .

But, with many sources speaking on condition of anonymity to discuss the situation more frankly, they all tell roughly the same story: Harris’ staff has repeatedly failed her and left her exposed, and family members have often had an informal say within her office. Even some who have been asked for advice lament Harris’ overly cautious tendencies and staff problems, which have been a feature of every office she’s held, from San Francisco district attorney to US Senate.

5 thoughts on “Biden advisers have had it with Kamala Harris and her staff: CNN”

  1. Shocked that she’s not prepared for the office. Her main claim to fame is the Kavanagh hearing and the impeachment fiasco. Definitely not the smartest person by a long shot. Sounds like her staff is failing her too. She’s definitely looking ahead for her political future.

  2. C’mon, “overly cautious”? Another phrase meaning incompetence. She doesn’t know what to do because she’s not qualified for any position she has ever had.
    It’s not sexism or racism to say that a woman of color doesn’t know what she’s doing, it’s the truth.

  3. Biden was under no obligation to choose her . . . she’s been an unimpressive mental lightweight in every position she’s ever had. The pick was put upon him and they get to live with it now.

  4. This is an issue that starts at the top, and the buck ends with Biden. She wasn’t his first choice, probably her last choice, and as we know every decision Biden has made has been a mess!

    He didn’t want her but is stuck with her!

    She isn’t likable, honest, or even the Dem’s choice as a viable candidate.

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