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Video | Kerry: Chinese genocide against Uighurs ‘Not my lane’

“My job is to be the climate guy,” White House climate czar John Kerry said when asked how he squares China’s use of forced labor with his ability to reach agreements with them.

Sure, all the starving people in Xinjiang will understand his callousness. Because, you know, he’s the climate guy, not the torture guy. That’s someone else’s “lane.”

If only he cared about people suffering today as much as he cares about climate models predicting the weather 80 years from now.

5 thoughts on “Video | Kerry: Chinese genocide against Uighurs ‘Not my lane’”

  1. Of course, it’s not kerry’s “lane”. He’s a coward who is afraid to “offend” the brutal chinese regime. He knows they will react harshly against him if he says anything that might remotely “offend” the evil chinese regime up to and including eliminating his visa to enter China and to not have any talks with any chinese “diplomat” anywhere in the world. He enjoys flying around the world, polluting the atmosphere like crazy and being given the red carpet treatment on these trips. He can’t give any of that up!

  2. Reminds me of Democrat NJ Governor Phil Murphy telling Tucker Carlson, when discussing closing religious services during COVID lockdowns, that the Bill of Rights is above his pay grade.

  3. Kerry doesn’t care, he has a stake in the manufacture of these solar panels using slave labor. Kerry gets a percentage for every panel manufactured, he would prefer more slaves were working. He’s arrogant like LeBron, who doesn’t care who makes his Nike shoes, he just wants his share of the slaves labor.

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