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Biden calls Satchel Paige ‘the great Negro at the time’

President Biden then corrected himself to say that Page was a great pitcher in the Negro leagues, which is was what segregated black baseball was called at the time.

Still, If Donald Trump has said this . . .

4 thoughts on “Biden calls Satchel Paige ‘the great Negro at the time’”

  1. The unabashed pandering to Black people has reached the end of my patience: The makers of Oreo Cookies is airing a commercial featuring a Black Santa Clause.
    Santa Clause is not and has never been a Black man.
    We shrugged when advertisers created King Henry VIII’s second wife, Anne Boyeln as a Black woman. We laughed when advertisers sensed that Rapunzel was really a Black woman. We ignored the constant barrage of CEO’s, bank managers, Doctors and Nurses who were portrayed as Blacks only.
    But this, Santa Claus, is a step too far. Too far.

    1. I totally agree, srdem! My all-time favourite historic person is Anne Boleyn. I was horrified and so angry when they used a black actress to play Anne. Sacrilege!

  2. According to marketing in America, all families are multiracial too. I am tired of the mix race families. There are some but not every single family.

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