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Biden thinks Americans can’t understand supply chains

How effortlessly condescending these liberals can be.

According to Fox News:

President Biden Wednesday suggested once again that Americans do not understand how supply chains work.

Biden’s comments came during a speech in Baltimore about his agenda and the bipartisan infrastructure deal, which he plans to sign into law on Monday.

“You hear a lot about the supply chains in the news, but frankly, not a lot of people have a clear understanding, whether they have a Ph.D. or they didn’t go to school, about how a supply chain works,” Biden said.

Biden put into “simple terms” how supply chains work. “In simple terms, supply chain is just the journey that a product takes to get to your doorstep,” he said.

Biden insisted “it’s easily understandable” why Americans would not comprehend how “incredibly complex” supply chains work. “As long as goods and materials are getting where they need to go on time, there’s usually no need to worry about the supply chains,” Biden said.

Here’s Joe Biden reciting “Supply chains for morons.”

Kinda like this.

5 thoughts on “Biden thinks Americans can’t understand supply chains”

  1. Contrary to what gramps thinks, Americans understand plenty . . .

    New poll today from FDRLST / Susquehanna:

    Biden overall
    Approve: 36%
    Disapprove: 52%

  2. “…modern economy”?? Hey Joe, it’s been that way for all the 90 years you have been on the taxpayers’ tit. It is you who needs to bone up on economics. Here’s a spoiler: If you pay people to NOT WORK, the supply chain will fail.

    Think of it Joe, all these little girls with the nice “No More Tears” shampoo scent in their hair that you like to sniff? They won’t be able to get that shampoo for a long time. Now what??

  3. You wouldn’t have to worry about ships coming into the country if the government didn’t encourage companies to move out of the country. I’ve heard government officials say it’s the American consumers fault more things are made overseas because the love cheap goods. I would rather pay more and have a job, than use my government “free” money to buy cheap goods.

    1. Right! One of the major failures of our federal government is the failure to protect our financial borders. Our economy has been slowly thrown under the bus for decades. Why? I believe it was dark deals and ‘donations’ from special interests including foreign entities. We are (collectively) too stupid to tar and feather these crooks and assholes.

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