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Vice President Harris discusses ‘trees’ as part of ‘environmental justice’

What is she saying exactly? That urban areas have fewer trees?

Seems like Wall Street must be among the biggest victims of environmental injustice.

4 thoughts on “Vice President Harris discusses ‘trees’ as part of ‘environmental justice’”

  1. You can’t make this stuff up. Any one with half a brain knows that trees are far more prevalent (in fact green space in general) in the suburbs. Not the only reason people move out of the city but likely a contributing factor. I remember many years ago going to Los Angeles for an event and driving by some schools. Long before any of his stuff was discussed I remember commenting I felt sorry for kids that go to a school that has only concrete and asphalt! A comment my son-in-law made when he moved to the suburbs when he and our daughter were getting married was how he could hear birds, coyotes, etc. I’m sure this is true throughout the world except in cities where there was forward thinking about design. Kamala Harris is an empty suit – period.

  2. Well, we have White Oaks, Red Oaks, and Black Oaks. She can ask NASA to monitor and make sure that the White Oaks only get their fair share of resources. If the distribution is not equitable, or the black and red people are not comfortable being around White Oaks, Redistribution of trees must occur.

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