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Video | Transportation Secretary Buttigieg discusses racist highways

Yes, he’s back from paternity leave and ready to roll.

2 thoughts on “Video | Transportation Secretary Buttigieg discusses racist highways”

  1. Racist highways. Sure.
    It’s obvious that this idiot is unaware of how sites were chosen when a major highway or freeway is to be built with taxpayers money. It had nothing to do with race or discrimination , but everything to do with public domain laws and the cost of buying property from the owners. It’s cheaper to build a highway running through low income housing and businesses or undeveloped acreage than to chose another path through expensive homes and large businesses.
    It’s possible that I don’t know if “racist highways” are really the ones built along “racist tree lines”.
    uh, or maybe too many white colored vehicles travel on these highways and /or too many White drivers use these routes to get to and from their destinations. But, then again, there are a lot of roadways and freeways named after a Black man, Rev Martin Luther King, so that might be a thing to discuss, too.
    I’m really confused. I need a drinky-poo now .

  2. Question:
    Where were all these RACIST HIGHWAYS when Barrack Hussein Obama was ‘US President’….?
    Was Obama the FIRST BLACK ‘US President’…?
    Why didnt Obama FIX all this RACISM when he was ‘President’ from 2008-2016…???

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