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Pelosi fails to move $1.75 trillion Biden social spending bill

House Democratic leaders Friday failed to secure the support of enough moderates to put to a vote President Biden’s signature program, some $1.75 trillion in social welfare spending.

About a half dozen moderates say they want to see what the Congressional Budget Office thinks the bill will cost. That could take days or longer. With all Republicans opposed, there are not the votes to pass it.

The House will, however, vote Friday on the $1.2 trillion infrastructure bill, which some Republicans support. But with some leftist progressives insisting that the infrastructure bill not move before the socialism legislation does, it’s not clear whether infrastructure will pass.

What is clear is that Biden lacks the leverage and the skill to get his program approved in a timely fashion.

3 thoughts on “Pelosi fails to move $1.75 trillion Biden social spending bill”

  1. It’s “kinda” fun to see these democrats stumbling all over themselves trying to pass these two bills.

    The Washington Times reports that biden at the last minute suddenly cancelled his vacation to Rehoboth Beach and that he is now frantically working the phones to convince the progressives to vote for the infrastructure bill. Hopefully, the progressives will say NO WAY unless both bills are brought together for a vote (the moderates have already killed that option). Rebekah wrote “What is clear is that Biden lacks the leverage and the skill to get his program approved in a timely fashion.” A huge NEGATIVE of biden is actually a huge POSITIVE for our country. So, is all the fighting and arguing between the progressives and the “moderate” democrats.

    For the good of our country and to those of us who love our country, may both bills go down in flames!

    1. yes, thanks for nothing RINO’s. Yes, it’s mostly pork; the WSJ called it “Corporate Welfare” because a lot of that money will go to corporations to pay them to manufacture “green” products. Corporations will gladly take that money; why invest their own money when they can get taxpayers to pay for their expenses in researching and manufacturing “green” products.

      Also thanks to the progressives who vowed to never vote for the “infrastructure” bill unless it was coupled with the massive multi-trillion dollar socialist program. It is now apparent it was all a smoke screen; they never meant it; they were just playing freaking political games.

      The door is now wide open for the demonrats to pass the socialist, multi-trillion dollar boondoggle. Manchin and Sinema will probably cave in to the far left socialists, extremists’ demands.

      Putin and Xi couldn’t be happier; the demonrats are helping them destroy our country.

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