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Democrats desperate for Biden to get more aggressive

Democrats are probably jealous that Republicans had a president who never slept and never stopped working. They’ve got a president who only sleeps.

And despite their pleas, it’s not going to get better. According to a check of the calendar, Sleepy Joe is just getting older.

As reported by Politico:

Democrats’ frustration with the White House is starting to bubble over after months of low approval ratings, legislative inertia and the disastrous showing for the party in Tuesday’s elections in Virginia and New Jersey.

Officials say that President Joe Biden and his administration failed to effectively message or aggressively muscle its economic agenda through Congress and that, in the process, they allowed the party to grow more fractious.

Faiz Shakir, a senior political adviser to Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.), said lawmakers have taken advantage of Biden’s reluctance to make demands in negotiations over his agenda. The president, he said, needed to start playing more of a leadership role.

“We need less talk and a lot more action,” Shakir said. “It’s important for the president to be seen as trying desperately to get to ‘yes.’ Even if other people already are concerned, wishy-washy, not sure – the president needs to be forceful.”

Shakir said that moving forward, Biden should make his red lines clear and, if the social spending and climate package passes the House, he should quickly set a Senate vote deadline. The House is set to consider both packages on Friday though leadership has twice delayed votes before.

6 thoughts on “Democrats desperate for Biden to get more aggressive”

  1. Why yes, get Biden to make more unpopular mandates, give our money to people from other countries who broke our laws, make fossil fuels impossible to use, keep the shelves bare, put thinking people in jail for not agreeing with the Dems, kill more unborn children, ignore religious or faith beliefs, and just take all of the money from working people you can. Yeah, that’ll make it all better.

  2. If Team Biden lets him roam free, wooo weee watch out.
    It will be like free beer at the assisted living facility happy hour! Stampede.


  3. Biden was on the wrong side of nearly every foreign policy decision for decades, per Robert Gates. They say the past is the biggest predictor of the future, and so far Biden’s been on the wrong side of EVERYTHING since he became President.

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