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Biden vaccine mandate could decimate trucking industry

You think the supply bottleneck is bad now? Wait until President Biden’s vaccine mandate kicks in for large companies Jan. 4.

According to The Hill:

Federal vaccine mandates to be imposed on companies with more than 100 employees may exacerbate a truck driver shortage across the U.S. that could contribute to further supply chain delays, industry stakeholders warned the House Agriculture Committee on Wednesday.

Vaccine hesitancy is chief among the reasons drivers may not want to get the required shots, said Jon Samson, an executive director at the American Trucking Association. Samson said one reason for the COVID-19 vaccine hesitancy in this industry is that truck drivers don’t feel the need to get shots due to spending the bulk of their working hours on long drives alone.

“The trucking industry is not anti-vaccination, we are anti-supply chain inefficiency,” Samson told lawmakers at Wednesday’s committee hearing. “A lot of larger truck lines have drivers with vaccine hesitancy.”

The Biden administration published its vaccination mandate for businesses Thursday, setting a Jan. 4 deadline for companies to comply. It is expected to cover 84 million people.

Samson said there were 80,000 open truck driver jobs in the U.S., warning that larger trucking firms fear they could lose a significant portion of their workforce in part because some drivers may leave larger trucking companies for smaller ones or leave the industry entirely.

4 thoughts on “Biden vaccine mandate could decimate trucking industry”

  1. Nothing like forcing workers to do something that they don’t want to create more problems and more unfulfilled jobs. Vaccinations might be more attractive if they worked as advertised. The government went from getting vaccinated means you don’t get it to you won’t get it as bad. Now vaccinated ppl still get it and still spread it. Just wear the mask, which does very little. Whoever is running the Biden administration seems to do things to make situations worse never better.

    1. I have an image of a poster on my computer that reads: “Government, If you think the problems we create are bad, just wiat until you see our solutions.”

      The real scary part is the fact that it is now so true.

  2. I feel like I’m living in a parallel universe. Civil servants across the federal government, who can never lose their jobs, need to stand up and refuse this vaccine!!! They will be American heroes if they do.

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