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Harris to call for stronger borders . . . in Libya

Finally, Vice President Harris is taking charge of the illegal immigration problem.

Unfortunately, not our illegal immigration program. Perhaps this is kind of a training program for her.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Vice President Kamala Harris, the Biden administration’s designated border and immigration czar, is taking her effort on the road — to Paris . . .

At a meeting on Libya, the vice president will focus on the plight of migrants and refugees, said a senior administration official.

She will “be expressing a deep concern for human rights and the situation of migrants and refugees, and reinforce the imperative of protecting vulnerable people, including those fleeing conflict.”

At the “Paris Conference On Libya,” she is also set to call for stronger borders in Libya to keep out terrorists, an issue some in Washington are calling on the administration to institute on the Mexican border.

3 thoughts on “Harris to call for stronger borders . . . in Libya”

  1. It would seem that Harris, as well as the rest of the Democrats, are more concerned with migrants, refugees and “strong borders” in Libya than the thousands of illegal immigrants pouring into Texas every day.

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