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Virginia Lt. Gov. race victor Winsome Sears trolls Kamala Harris

Virginia’s newly elected Republican Lt. Governor Winsome Sears has a sense of humor.

6 thoughts on “Virginia Lt. Gov. race victor Winsome Sears trolls Kamala Harris”

  1. For some politicians that love “historic” moments, the left is awful quiet on the Sears win. Guess that only applies to their side of crazy. What hypocrites.

    1. Reading “Drudge Report”: a lead refers to “Republicans of color”.
      Ignoring the dodgy racist slant, the phrase alone should scare the pants off of all Dems who assume that ‘people of color’ are only Dems.

      1. Drudge Report has gotten fairly bad lately…alot of anti-Trump crap stories, and lots of misleading click headlines (that lead to lefty news sources)
        I dont know what has happened to Drudge; it use to be a ‘first-must read’ nowadays its headlines are late, and not really on topic

    1. The Right is the only one with a sense of humor! The Left has ironically become everything it always criticized the Right of being: stodgy, overly serious, out of touch, easily offended, etc.

      Of course, it’s all gone to the extreme now with the Left, as they want to silence/canceel anyone and everyone who disagrees with, criticizes or makes fun of them.

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