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Video | Youngkin declares victory just as ashen Biden returns from Europe

President Biden’s ghostly image is contrasted in this split-screen with the ebullient Glenn Youngkin declaring victory in the Virginia race for governor.

Biden must have just received news that his campaigning for his friend Terry McAuliffe failed to drag him over the finish line. He looks like he aged on the flight home.

6 thoughts on “Video | Youngkin declares victory just as ashen Biden returns from Europe”

  1. Youngkin’s victory is God sent. Our country is in trouble. But, I believe prayers are eventually answered; perhaps it may take a while, perhaps it will come in a manner we didn’t expect but answers will come. Youngkin’s victory, I believe, is the start of that answer from Almighty God.

    In a related note, the VA Lt Governor’s race was also won by a Republican. She is a legal immigrant and black. So much for conservatives being white supremacists and racists. I listened to her victory speech. It’s uplifting, inspiring and powerful. I had wet eyes when she got done. If you are interested in seeing/hearing her victory speech go to

    I haven’t heard the VA results for Attorney General or the results on the VA House of Delegates.

    1. JG, that was amazing… gave me goose bumps.
      Proud Americans that are proud of their nation and all it has to offer, not chastising each other on fake accusations and false narratives.


  2. I’ve stated several times over the past years that I think the worst thing the democrats can get is to get exactly what they want. Many of the independents and many of their own faithful are finally seeing where the democrats’ socialism is going to lead us. And here we are on our way to the disaster that they will usher in if they are allowed to continue.

    Let’s go Brandon!!

  3. Update on VA election: WRIC of Richmond, VA reported 30 mins ago that the incumbent demoncrat Attorney General has conceded the race to Republican Miyares, a legal immigrant and Hispanic. WRIC also reports that Republicans have now secured 50 seats in the House with a couple still undecided. There are 100 reps in the VA House. It looks like the Republicans have completely swept away the democrat power base in VA.

    Also, Newsmax reported as follows: “Biden Blames Trump Voters for Big Loss in Virginia” I almost fell out of my chair laughing. Biden’s not all there so he realizes not the absurdity and stupidity of his statement.

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