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Biden wants to spend $9 billion to grow trees overseas

Well, it sure sounds nice to be able to preserve these beautiful forests. But nobody seems to notice, we’re out of money.

According to the Washington Examiner:

President Joe Biden detailed a plan in Glasgow on Tuesday to contribute billions over the next decade to support the conservation of global forests, calling the effort an “indispensable” piece of his climate agenda.

The money would fund projects such as conservation and landscape restoration and the development of better data systems to preserve forests and other ecosystems, which serve as “carbon sinks” for their maintenance of carbon emitted by fossil fuels and natural processes . . .

The plan provides for $9 billion, subject to congressional appropriations, of the United States’s international climate funding to support its forestry objectives . . .

The Amazon, Congo Basin, and Southeast Asian forests, where deforestation has been particularly acute in recent years, are among the main targets of the preservation plans.

4 thoughts on “Biden wants to spend $9 billion to grow trees overseas”

  1. Give Americans the $9b to grow any kind of tree they want to grow here! Ridiculous, unnecessary, untraceable, and unaffordable waste of ever dwindling taxpayer money. Stolen elections have consequences, let’s go Brandon!

  2. I’ve heard the whining over the Amazon since I was a kid in the 80’s. Still seem like they have plenty of trees down there some 35 years later.

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