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Video | Biden falls asleep listening to COP26 climate change conference speech

Who can blame him?

This is the smartest thing he’s done as president. Please, Mr. President, use the conference to catch up on some sleep!

Notice how an aide comes over to Biden, pretending he has something to tell him — and that he wasn’t just trying to wake him up!

6 thoughts on “Video | Biden falls asleep listening to COP26 climate change conference speech”

  1. Why does this whole conference seem like Chamberlain’s moment with Hitler? These people are fake as hell. By going to this, they put more co2 into the atmosphere than I will the rest of my life. I will always feel Trump put the United States first, Biden meanwhile can’t stay awake while selling us out.

  2. it’s only normal …. it’s a rough schedule … fly all the way to Rome, meet with the pope, then meet with the some 20 country representatives, then fly to Scotland for this ridiculous conference … this is tough for an elderly man who is not well, physically, mentally and cognizant deficient, not well at all. It’s too much for his brain neurons to handle, forcing him to sleep. Some oval office holder we have representing us.

    1. It’s all BS, I’d fall asleep too, however I’m not the supposed “most popular ruler of the free world.” Whatever happens, Joe’s handlers will continue to sell us down the river.

    1. George, this is most probably true! The reason I say this is because I remember one time, during the primary, senile joe was being interviewed by some enemy-of-the-people network. Jill was sitting right next to him. Senile was blabbing away and he couldn’t remember Trump’s name. So, he was fumbling around but Jill came to his rescue. You could see her lips moving, quietly saying something, and all of a sudden senile joe say “Yes, Trump”.

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