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Republicans demand Biden abandon plan to pay $450K to illegal immigrants

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Eleven Republican senators on Monday asked President Biden to halt his administration’s talks to settle lawsuits filed on behalf of immigrant families who say they suffered trauma from being separated after illegally crossing the southern border during the Trump administration.

“Rewarding illegal immigration with financial payments runs counter to our laws and would only serve to encourage more lawlessness at our border,” Iowa Sen. Chuck Grassley and the 10 other Republican members of the Senate Judiciary Committee wrote in a letter to Mr. Biden. “To that end, I ask that your administration refuse to issue any settlement payments for aliens who broke our laws.”

Earlier on Monday Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell also sharply criticized the potential settlements of around $450,000 a person, which The Wall Street Journal reported last week.

“Honestly, this absurd idea feels like a satirical policy proposal that Republicans would have invented to make a parody out of the radical left,” Mr. McConnell said on the Senate floor Monday afternoon, previewing a likely line of attack in next year’s midterm election.

The White House referred a request for comment to the Justice Department, which didn’t immediately respond.

The Journal reported that the Justice, Homeland Security and Health and Human Services departments are considering payments that could amount to close to $1 million a family to resolve lawsuits filed on behalf of parents and children who say the government subjected them to lasting psychological trauma.

People familiar with the matter have said the final numbers could shift and that many families would likely get smaller amounts, depending on their circumstances, but the total potential payout could amount to $1 billion or more.

6 thoughts on “Republicans demand Biden abandon plan to pay $450K to illegal immigrants”

  1. Better yet…. give them the money, but back charge them for :
    Safe Passage to Freedom $50k
    Border Access $50k
    Healthcare $50k
    Temporary Accommodations and food $50k
    Airfare and Transportation $50k
    Security during travel in the USA $25k
    Admin fee for “reuniting” with relatives $25k
    clothing, backpacks, sundries $25k
    Educational seminars on life in America $25k

    That leaves $100k, nice!
    But wait…. that’s probably considered earned income under Biden.
    Taxable back to the full $450k you got… which puts you in the 50% tax bracket

    Now, you got $50k left over.
    Find housing, a used car and fill up the tank….. not much left.


    Sorry this was so wordy, it is Election day.


    1. RJ, yes, with one exception …. illegals!

      Drug cartels and other hard core criminals (illegals) are being allowed to profit in their crimes by senile joe’s wide open border policies, illegals can literally get away with murder in “sanctuary” states and cities, illegals are given money directly (up to $450,000 per illegal) or indirectly thru free education, medical care, etc.

      It’s sickening!

  2. Why are ONLY ELEVEN Republican senators demanding a stop to this? Where are the rest of them? Let’s go Brandon, Foxtrot Juliet Bravo!

    1. I agree, where is the outrage that should be the obvious reaction to this latest idiocy from any rational person?

      A billion to plant trees in Europe, payoffs to lawbreakers, it IS sickening!

      I’ll tell you what needs to happen with the southern border. Since the penalties are obviously not enough to deter more crime (hello?), we need to make the penalties more severe until these crimes (illegal border crossings) stop. Immediate deportations, hard labor, death sentences for illegal violent criminals…

      Instead of relocating them by flying them all over the US (in turn for dem votes), we need to fly them over MEXICO, open a door, hand them a parachute, and give them a shove. Enough of this insanity.

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