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Biden Schedule | Monday, November 1, 2021

President Biden is Glasgow, Scotland today for the COP26 climate change conference. He will also have a bilateral meeting with Indonesian President Joko Widodo.


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4 thoughts on “Biden Schedule | Monday, November 1, 2021”

  1. Wowing the masses again today. That pic of OUR President. shoved to the very outside of the gathering of leaders, was embarrassing! Its like a family reunion shot and someone yells “don’t forget grandpa!”. And then they wheel in the old guy and prop him up in the corner. No President of our nation should EVER accept treatment like that. Even Joe Biden.
    But it says something about how this group views him does it not?


    1. In some respects I disagree with you H, if all was as it should be in our country, we SHOULD be spurned and disregarded at this sham of a conference. We should be telling them to get the agendas out of science, then we will participate. This would make us very unpopular. We should be taking care of our own country as best we can, and telling other countries to pony up to pay for these agendas. We really shouldn’t even be there with all the disasters the Biden administration has encouraged or caused at home. Ok, maybe a low level politician to offer a token presence, that’s all this is worth in my opinion.

  2. This climate change conference is one freaking joke. It’s a joke because China and India, the two biggest polluters will continue to pollute the world. They are exempt from pollution requirements because they are classified as poor countries, as “developing” nations. It’s a joke because the “wealthy” West promised $100 Billion a year to poor countries to convert ASAP to green energy. These “poor” countries are extremely interested in getting a hold of that money ASAP. Why? Because those countries have corrupt gov’ts; the bulk of that money will go to those corrupt gov’t officials. And there’s Russia with its vast oil and gas sources. Putin – who will not even bother to attend the conference – Putin will keep pumping that oil and gas to increase Russia’s financial wealth and to increase control over Europe’s stupid decision to depend on Russia for gas supplies. It’s all a freaking joke.

    But senile joe, doesn’t care; he’s only interested in pursuing polices that will help destroy our country of which this massive “climate change” policy is one.

  3. Which WH reporter will be the one to ask if President PoopyPants really did crap himself while visiting the Pope, as reported extensively on social media (Twitter)?

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