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Video | Pope tells Biden to keep receiving communion, despite abortion stance

President Biden met with Pope Francis at the Vatican Friday.

15 thoughts on “Video | Pope tells Biden to keep receiving communion, despite abortion stance”

      1. Glad to hear that. Many Catholic’s honor the position of pope because “that’s just the way it is”. They can’t allow themselves to think badly of him.
        I’m a non practicing Catholic.

  1. This from the supposed leader of the Catholic faith that 50 years ago considered artificial birth control to be a sin.
    Has this Pope removed some of the Ten Commandments that I’m not aware of?

  2. The pope is sending the wrong message to young people of faith and especially young Catholics. The Church like all Christian denominations is at a breaking point between right and wrong.

    And these words are the on the wrong side of the debate!!

    Why… Pope Francis!??

  3. Update to my earlier post… just saw actual video.

    Lying Biden could be lying!

    That would be real awkward for Francis and his press secretary if they had to retract Joe’s lying words. But if Joe did lie, which he does all the time, then it is prudent for them to correct this false statement.

    If Lying Joe was Pinocchio he’d have a 10 foot nose!

  4. I’m not a big Pope Francis fan, but in this case I’m fairly sure Biden was lying.
    I also doubt the Pope did what he should have done, rebuke Biden for his anti-Catholic behavior and tell him not to take communion until he gets his act together.

  5. I was raised Roman Catholic…the whole thing, trust me…even went to a Catholic college. Same for my lovely wife. We consider ourselves good Christians, lousy Catholics. We don’t attend church regularly, but we have faith. We believe in the many teachings, but we don’t let old guys in white robes dictate to us until they walk a bit in our shoes. We see hypocrisy with many “Catholic” leaders and wonder what their judgement day will be like. Just because the Pope gives Joe Biden a friendly nod and talks nice nice to him,, it does not grant him absolution. The Pope may lead the church, but he is not God.

  6. Catholic here who loves Mother Church. That’s why this fake “pope” is disturbing, to put it mildly. He’s not even Catholic, was put in this position illegally, via the St. Galen mafia, and spouts heresy. This “President” also was illegally placed by traitors who hate America and are tearing our country apart. Pray God may take pity and help our world out of the mess foisted by the deep state and the deep Church.

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