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‘Smaller’ Biden spending bill still shells out half a trillion dollars for climate change

In case you were worried AOC and John Kerry didn’t get their climate spending . . .

According to the Washington Post:

Although Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.) forced Democrats to drop a key provision targeting the electric power sector, the final bill includes an array of tax credits for companies and consumers that will make it easier to buy electric vehicles, install solar panels, retrofit buildings and manufacture wind turbines and other clean-energy equipment in the United States.

The climate package comes at a time when President Biden is hoping to demonstrate at a high-profile United Nations summit next week that the United States can meet its international climate commitments. The legislation, coupled with executive actions, could help Biden halve U.S. greenhouse gas emissions in less than nine years compared with 2005 levels.

“This is game-changing,” said Carol Browner, who served as President Barack Obama’s top climate adviser during the start of his administration and headed the Environmental Protection Agency under President Bill Clinton.

Comparing it to the 2009 stimulus bill that funneled billions of dollars to clean energy, Browner said, “This is six times the amount of Obama’s investment, and we thought that was big.”

Republican lawmakers, however, said it would make it harder for the United States to take advantage of its abundant supply of fossil fuels. During a House Committee on Oversight and Reform hearing Thursday, where Democrats grilled oil executives over their past efforts to play down the effect of climate change, Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) specifically targeted the new tax-and-spending bill.

“The president and his allies in Congress have consistently advocated for policies that have led to higher energy prices and increased inflation,” Biggs said.

Total price tag: $555 billion.

5 thoughts on “‘Smaller’ Biden spending bill still shells out half a trillion dollars for climate change”

  1. How can we possibly trust the financial acumen of an administration who is willing to dole out $495,000 per person to people who broke into our country without permission and then complained about how it didn’t go well?

    Again, #MSM_enemyofthepeople because this isn’t a blaring headline at the top of every news broadcast!

    1. Absolutely agree with you, Teresa! They have no financial acumen (and that’s using kind wording, I can think of much stronger words). The media is indeed the enemy of the people. When President Trump first said that, I thought the words were a little bit on the strong side but it turns out he was (& still is) ABSOLUTELY right!. As to the $450,000 of our tax dollars going to an illegal, it’s enough to make hard working, tax paying American blood boil!!!!

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