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AG Garland refuses to back away from scrutiny of parents at school board meeting

The federal government is watching what you say at school board meetings. So . . . be careful, because Big Brother has lots of powers at his disposal.

According to Fox News:

Attorney General Merrick Garland doubled down on his memo to Department of Justice employees addressing a federal response to violence and intimidation of school board officials — despite the National School Boards Association apologizing for the letter that inspired the memo.

Appearing on Capitol Hill for the second time in two weeks, Garland told the Senate Judiciary Committee on Wednesday that the NSBA’s second letter – which contained an apology for inflammatory language in the first one – had no bearing on the DOJ’s stance.

“The letter that was subsequently sent does not change the association’s concern of violence or threats of violence. It alters some of the language in the letter … that we did not rely on and is not contained in my own memorandum,” Garland said after committee chairman Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., asked if he had “second thoughts” following the apology.

Garland claimed that the DOJ is not just concerned about school board officials, but a “rising tide” of violence against judges, prosecutors, election administrators, and others.

“The only thing the Justice Department is concerned about: violence and threats of violence,” he said.

The committee’s ranking member, Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, claimed that the DOJ memo had a “poisonous, chilling effect” on speech, as it specifically dealt with opposition to school board officials.

3 thoughts on “AG Garland refuses to back away from scrutiny of parents at school board meeting”

  1. This Garland guy has now made it clear that he’s a far left extremist, dead-set on implementing Soviet Union/Chinese Communist style control over our fellow citizens; he’s a hater of everything that our country was founded on. Thank God the nomination to seat him on the U S Supreme Court of this far left extremist got derailed.

    Dark ominous, clouds have settled over our country with accompanying strong winds, bringing nothing but dark viciousness and destruction.

    May God be with us who respect and love our nation, over our country. Almighty God is ultimately in control.

  2. I can’t recall a time when American citizens were accused of being unworthy of respect, when a contrary opinion was considered traitorous , and when the government made overt actions against the citizens they are supposed to protect.

    Who could have predicted that our government would take steps to force citizens to step up for a experimental drug against their will. How could we have known that opinions of what constitutes a gender would be considered illegal if they were not in line with the official government policy. How do we protect ourselves from a government that insists that the majority of it’s citizens are racists and need to be punished even when no evidence other than the color of their skin exists.
    We are in a serious and dangerous time.

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