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Kamala Harris announces Biden’s ‘National Gender Strategy’

Who knows what kinds of quotas and requirements this is going to introduce?

According to the Daily Wire:

As inflation continues to rise and supply chains continue to break, the Biden/Harris administration on Friday unveiled a first-ever “National Gender Strategy,” aimed at rectifying supposed gender inequality in the U.S. and abroad.

Notably, the plan calls for cemented abortion “rights” and a push for more women in the U.S. Military, as well as closing the “gender wage gap,” though there’s no evidence the gap is caused by sexism.

“On International Women’s Day, the President issued an Executive Order establishing the White House Gender Policy Council to ensure that gender equity and equality are at the forefront of America’s domestic and foreign policy,” reads a letter from Harris and President Joe Biden, Forbes reported. “That Executive Order also mandated the development of this first-ever national strategy to guide our work on gender equity and equality as a government and as a nation.”

6 thoughts on “Kamala Harris announces Biden’s ‘National Gender Strategy’”

  1. Wait a sec, here. “women”? Would that be the ones described as “people who give birth”? Or is it referring to anyone who claims to be a “woman” like the newly appointed 4 star Admiral?
    We are getting confused out here in fly-over country trying to keep up with the language changes that seem to happen every day.
    We do remember the “ze” and the other pronouns but no one seems to be using them now.
    Just asking for a friend – was the newly appointed Admiral informed of her right to an abortion, and was her salary adjusted to meet what ‘men’ who are Admirals receive from the government?

  2. I’m too busy working 7 days a week, right next to women who make the same money as I do, to worry about crap like this. Too bad the Biden administration is focused on things of this nature and not truly helping Americans.

  3. Since day 1 of this evil (yes, it is evil) and fraudulent administration, they’ve enacted everything perverted, lawless and damaging to this country. I got news for them: God designed genders, two of them and only two of them!

  4. Remember when we thought 2020 -due to Wuhan-19er- would be the worst year of our lifetime!

    Oh man… 2021-2024 may be the worst four years of our lifetime!

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