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Video | Yellen: Inflation to continue until second half of 2022

Sounds like bad news for the Democrats in the midterms. Also, how can she predict something so far out? The truth seems to be that the Biden administration doesn’t have a great plan to tame inflation.

1 thought on “Video | Yellen: Inflation to continue until second half of 2022”

  1. Good question “how can she predict something so far out?” The answer, in my opinion, she can’t! She may have her PhD in economics (from Yale) but this does NOT mean that she has perfect knowledge, economically speaking, as to will happen so far out into the future.

    When economists are asked what will the economic environment be like a year from now, you’ll get answers that are all over the map! I consider the so-called “science of economics” as a false label. Why? Because economics is not a science; it is ultimately dependent on consumer behavior which is extremely non-predicable. The exception to this is totalitarian countries that have total control of the economy. We are not there … not yet anyway.

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