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Biden nominee Saule Omarova is enamored with the Soviet system

From an opinion article I wrote published by Fox News Digital Sunday:

President Joe Biden’s choice for comptroller of the currency, Saule Omarova, wants to transform America’s free market economy into a Soviet-style system – the same kind of central planning that destroyed her native country, the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics.

As an immigrant from the former Soviet Union and communism survivor, I know firsthand the damage central planning can do to an economy and to lives. United States senators must reject “Comrade” Omarova’s radical ideology which includes ideas like nationalizing banks, empowering federal government apparatchiks to set pay scales and prices, and enabling academics to oversee investments so they can finance social experiments. It all will doom America to the same destiny as the country I fled 30 years ago.

Omarova, a winner in her home country of the “Lenin” award, praised her native Soviet socialist system because of the lack of gender pay gap. She derided the free market economy for producing a Wall Street “a–hole culture” and expressed contempt for our “dysfunctional” financial system.

As someone who grew up standing in line for hours to shop in an over-crowded grocery store or a bare-shelved department store, let me tell you about Omarova’s “wondrous” socialist system. By the time you reached the counter to pay, all that was left to buy was rancid milk, or at the department store, wrong-size boots.

You can read the rest of the piece here.

2 thoughts on “Biden nominee Saule Omarova is enamored with the Soviet system”

  1. Rebekah, I read your entire opinion article. The situation with this Saule Omarava individual adds another piece of evidence that supports your thesis as presented in your book “Putin’s Playbook”.

    The WSJ today (Monday) had an excellent editorial on this woman. The last sentence of the editorial says the Senate should not approve a nominee who loathes the institutions and system she’d regulate.

    Senate republicans are trying to get a copy of her thesis “Karl Marx’s Economic Analysis and the Theory of Revolution in the Capital”. She has not complied nor has she repudiated her soviet-era views.

    This woman is now saying the attacks on her are because she is woman, an immigrant and a minority. Good ol’ far left demoncratic, extremist tactic!

    Fake news – the enemy of the people – is hard at work to get this individual approved by the Senate. The Washington Post in a column praised her “innovative approach about how to reform banking”. The WSJ referred to this Washington Post statement as innovative alright … innovative right back to Moscow 1918.

    With Senate demoncrats in control, odd are she’ll get into office. Woe to our nation.

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