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Psaki: Biden ‘drove through’ the border in 2008

Yup, that’s what she said. That’s the extent of his visits to ground zero of the biggest crisis of his administration. At least, until Afghanistan.

From an exchange between Fox News’ Peter Doocy and White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki:

Q    Okay.  Following up on something else the President said last night, why did President Biden say he has been to the border?

MS. PSAKI:  Well, Peter, as you may have seen, there’s been reporting that he did drive through the border when he was on the campaign trail in 2008.  And he is certainly familiar with the fact — and it stuck with him — with the fact that in El Paso, the border goes right through the center of town . . . There is a focus right now on a photo op.  The President does not believe a photo op is the same as solutions.

A visit to the border is a photo op? Meeting with local officials about the problem is a photo op? Biden said he was too busy to go there because he was going to places that had hurricanes. Were those photo ops? Was Kamala Harris’ visit to the border a photo op?

The taxpayers want their money back for these photo ops!


4 thoughts on “Psaki: Biden ‘drove through’ the border in 2008”

  1. He’s too busy, he says … yea, right. This weekend, as usual, he’s busy hiding in his basement in Delaware. He’s busy alright. Yes ….. what a freaking joke.
    Besides, why should he go? Camel-a has addressed the root cause and therefore the issue has been resolved. Right? (another freaking joke)
    On a related issue on this biden guy, the WSJ today (Saturday) has an editorial on the biden horrible “town hall” performance. The editorial was entitled “The Confusing Mr. Biden”. It said in part “The President’s town hall performance is cause for concern”. We have known that since the day he announced his candidacy. The WSJ is finally waking up to reality. Hopefully, other news publications will follow along with current biden lovers.

  2. I drive by anything I’m not interested in. When I’m interested, I stop and check things out.

    This is one of the few pieces of truth coming out of Poser Psaki’s mouth. Biden’s just not into it!! He’s just not into us!

  3. I once went to Germany for a family wedding, with a plane change in Iceland. It was a while ago. We never left the airport, just left the plane , then got back on. But now I know that I ‘visited” Iceland.

    Thanks JB.


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