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Biden Schedule | Saturday, October 23, 2021

President Biden is in Wilmington. He has no public schedule.


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4 thoughts on “Biden Schedule | Saturday, October 23, 2021”

  1. Of course he is. Biden is so busy he can’t visit the border, but has plenty of time for Wilmington and Camp David.

    What’s going on in Wilmington where visitor logs are not maintained because it’s Biden’s home? #MSM_enemyofthepeople

    1. JMHO but I believe he is receiving off the record (no logs kept) medical treatment to get him through the week. Have felt this for months.

      1. Bingo!
        senile Biden “handlers” must have some off the books doctors up here in Wilmington giving ole Joe some ‘cocktail’ of meds to keep him barely functioning :-|

  2. Someone mentioned that Biden’s clenched fist hold during the town hall was a symptom of dementia forecasting. If you have not seen it, please google it. It was hard to watch as he held both arms and hands out in a stoic minute or more. Those with compromised mental capacity will clench their fists as a way to focus and attempt to remember things, I read this wknd. Sounds logical. It would be great to have a cognitive professional chime in on this forum so we can have clarity and not just off the cuff comments from folks, like me, who are not trained to recognize these attributes.


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