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Biden says he hasn’t been to the border because he hasn’t had the time

Even the rhetoric has an effect. If you keep saying it’s not a crisis, maybe you become to believe it.

And then you don’t even bother to go down to the border to hear from local officials about why hundreds of thousands of people are crossing, what is being done about it, and the conditions under which they are forced to live.

It took a brave young Republican student to ask the question in a room full of Democrats at Thursday night’s CNN town hall – why hasn’t President Biden gone to the border?

He falsely claimed he doesn’t have time. He has plenty of time. He’s headed back to Wilmington, Delaware Friday evening. Maybe to inspect the border with Pennsylvania.

4 thoughts on “Biden says he hasn’t been to the border because he hasn’t had the time”

  1. Someone (Anderson Cooper perhaps) should have asked him why his border czar hasn’t been there recently. And also if he wanted to retract his heinous and false remarks regarding border agents whipping Haitians.

  2. The goes Joe… lying and getting confused again!

    I think he confused with Jill with Kamala… whom is still “working” on a solution! Haha

    I bet he lied and has never been to the southern border.

    Rebekah- that last paragraph you wrote gold! Had me laughing. Delaware/ Pennsylvania border a real concern for everyone! Haha

  3. He doesn’t have the gonats to say the truth which is he doesn’t give a damn as to what’s going on in our southern border nor does he care about the pain and suffering it is creating not only to our fellow Americans but also to many of the illegals coming across especially children.

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