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More than 125K children without parents came to US border since February

So much for President Biden’s “compassionate” border policy. What a tragedy. Ironic that when Democrats sell their social welfare ideas, it’s always about “the children.”

According to the Washington Examiner:

More than 125,000 children traveling without parents have shown up along the U.S.-Mexico border to be taken into custody during the Biden administration, an astronomical figure far beyond precedent.

The child migrant crisis has dogged President Joe Biden throughout his tenure and dragged down his approval ratings. He has tried to overhaul border measures implemented by former President Donald Trump in an effort to more quickly process migrants and ensure that children are not held in inadequate facilities — even going so far as to fly them under the cover of night to states far from the border. Republicans charge that, in the process, he has created the aforementioned influx of unaccompanied children. The crisis is far from resolved.

From February through August, 112,433 unaccompanied children were found after crossing the southern border. The Department of Homeland Security has not released official numbers for child arrivals in September or in the first 15 days of October, but rough data from the Department of Health and Human Services reveals approximately 15,000 additional children were encountered by federal law enforcement in that period for a grand total of more than 125,000 children.

The 125,000 arrivals in less than nine months is higher than the 12-month record of 80,000 set in 2019.


7 thoughts on “More than 125K children without parents came to US border since February”

  1. Democrats remind me of the “caring” busy body church lady. All they want to do is spread lies and gossip, while hanging onto their piousness with a death grip, and blaming everyone else for the havoc they’ve instigating. And of course, it’s all done in the name of a higher caring power. Democrats are good! Aren’t they?

  2. What do they tell their 5 yr old child when they send them off with strangers off to a foreign country where no one speaks their language? Bye bye?
    100,000 traumatized children forced to live with strangers, forced to learn a new language, crying for mama and poppa and the Dems think this is a good idea?
    as a parent , who hasn’t had their child cry with worry when mama or poppa came home late, or they just couldn’t find them inside the home? children should never be used a political pawns, they are so vulnerable.
    school age children from third world countries are always years behind american school children, their futures are dim at best.
    add the prejudice and resentment of working americans being forced to care for others children because they’re not wanted or are being used, and we have a decades of disasters ahead.

    sorry , can’t do caps, pesky fingers are frozen with arthur-itis. sigh.

  3. Honestly…
    “Life” is cheap in these Third World sh#t-holes that these “migrants” come from (South America, Africa, Mid-East)
    So what…its a kid, they have another dozen running around the village-family-etc.
    We weak Americans need to realize that “life” is cheap, short, brutish & nasty in the rest of the world -LOL

  4. As they grow up, I wonder how many of these “children” will wind up doing what this illegal did in Philadelphia. Earlier this week, in a SEPTA city train, a young woman was raped on the train. Ten passengers on board witnessed it but nobody called 911 or bothered to stop it. At a station stop, a train employee saw what was happening and immediately called the cops who showed up in no time, saw what was going on and arrested the sex maniac. The newspapers did show a picture of this sex maniac. He was black. No more details were given by the politically correct Philadelphia newspapers.

    Today, the Washington Examiner gave all the details. The criminal is an illegal from the Congo. This illegal had a track record of sexual abuse and was going to be deported. But the illegal claimed he was going to be persecuted if returned to the Congo. The judge ruled he could stay in our country and, in addition, wiped out his previous sexual convictions saying they were “only” minor misdemeanors.

    This only goes to show how evil this biden regime is. Innocent Americans are getting hurt, raped, murdered, robbed and dying from excessive illegals, drugs and arms coming over an open border. And the corrupt biden regime turns a blind eye to all of this. Evil.

    1. JG, I live outside of Philadelphia…this rape took place on a SEPTA train and it was at 69th Street Station…a “ghetto” train stop =And the passengers did nothing (go figure :-|

      1. Langley, I also live outside PHL. I moved up here from Texas and I am not yet all that familiar with the area. I was told that riding the SEPTA train at night can be sort of a risky thing. I avoid going into PHL with one exception and that is to see the PHL orchestra perform. I go to matinee performances to avoid taking the train at night.

  5. I hate to break people’s bubble but parents from 3rd world countries don’t hold the same view of their children as Americans do with their children. Another reason we should not import these people. Children from 3rd world societies are often viewed as chattel. They are bought and sold, put to manual labor at early ages, and live uneducated lives. Sending them to the Emerald City of America by themselves is not unthinkable for them.

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