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Biden lowers price tag of spending bill from $3.5T to no more than $1.9T

Watch carefully, though. The goal here — and it’s the way he is bringing along the left on this — is to establish basically the same bunch of new programs and just fund them for fewer years. Then they can renew them later.

As everyone knows, the only thing on earth with eternal life is a federal program.

According to the Washington Post:

President Biden told Democrats during a private meeting Tuesday that he believed they could secure a deal on a new tax-and-spending proposal between $1.75 trillion and $1.9 trillion, far less than some in the party initially sought, even as some lawmakers later maintained it still would allow them to accomplish broad swaths of their vast economic agenda.

The early outline — shared at least with liberal lawmakers in the House — appeared to offer one potential avenue for the White House to broker a truce among Democrats’ warring left-leaning and moderate factions. Four people familiar with Biden’s comments confirmed the early details, requesting anonymity to describe the negotiations.

The potential new price range marks a significant reduction from the $3.5 trillion that some Democrats initially pursued under a budget agreement chiefly brokered by Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) earlier this year. But it is closer to the number that centrists, especially Sen. Joe Manchin III (D-W.Va.), had outlined in recent months as they sought steep cuts to Democrats’ spending plans. Manchin and Sanders met Tuesday for the second time in two days after the two sparred with each other over the weekend.

3 thoughts on “Biden lowers price tag of spending bill from $3.5T to no more than $1.9T”

  1. Democrats lie and manipulate time and time again. Republicans never seem to catch on. This has been going on forever, but in the last few years, Democrats have upped their game — it’s like they’re on political crack!

    All Republicans do is stomp their feet and pout “that’s not fair.” Democrats are at war and Republicans are still inviting them to their garden party.

    Republican voters are not insecure wimps, but our leaders sure are.

  2. How easily they throw around the number -Trillion. A ‘trillion’ anythings are hard to imagine, but the Dems just don’t care what it means.
    Nothing in this trillion dollar fiasco is needed .

  3. Best thing that could happen from the standpoint of the people out here is if neither of the bills passed, especially not a single even small part of the “human infrastructure” one…not $6 T nor $3.5T…not $$2T…not a single $$$ of it. No new programs, not even for a single DAY. Because they never go away and worse, they grow and grow and grow. Even the “infrastructure” bill needs smothering to death since only about 10% of it is actual roads/bridges, you know…infrastructure.

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