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Biden’s low approval rating may soon be set in stone

At a certain point, a story about a president, and the perception of him, begins to cement. There is a sense of who he is and how he runs his administration. And it becomes very difficult to change perceptions of anyone, whether it’s your boss, your neighbor, or the president, once they begin to form.

According to the Washington Examiner:

Biden’s net negative job approval numbers are cementing, according to pollster David Paleologos. Disapproval of Biden outpaced his approval in the last seven national surveys, other than a CNN tie , Suffolk University Political Research Center’s director told the Washington Examiner.

“You can only break that hardening with some added wins legislatively, or you have some major event that totally reshapes Biden’s approval and the public’s perception of Biden’s approval,” he said, employing Sept. 11 as a previous example.

Biden’s problems are exacerbated by the economy, particularly so-called “stagflation,” according to Paleologos. Stagflation refers to the confluence of stagnant economic growth and high inflation rates.


3 thoughts on “Biden’s low approval rating may soon be set in stone”

  1. He hasn’t been in office for a year’s time and everything went ‘south’, nothing positive came from the WhiteHouse, and it gets worse everyday.
    The people who were offended by PresTrump’s “mean tweets” are now listening to a President say mean things to all of them every time he speaks. Biden thinks nothing of calling others mean names to insult them, or to utter the most outrageously incoherent statements that are ignored or buried by the MSM.\\
    The arrows being shot at VPHarris are the result of her strange mannerisms and lack of usefulness.
    Not good for the Dems. Not at all.

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