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Video | ‘Lunch Bucket’ Joe Biden and Jill walk through ritzy DC restaurant maskless

Washington DC law requires them to wear a mask. But rules are for the little people.

President Biden and Jill Biden, who spend their time pretending to be average folk, went out for dinner at one of Washington’s trendiest over-priced restaurants, Fiole Mare. Main courses for individual diners start at $28 and range up to $115. If you want, you can whet your appetite with a $250 serving of caviar as an appetizer.

And where are their masks? It’s not like they were still eating on the way out.

6 thoughts on “Video | ‘Lunch Bucket’ Joe Biden and Jill walk through ritzy DC restaurant maskless”

  1. Biden does this after constantly lecturing us to wear masks. But, no surprise here from Hypocrite-in-Chief. All these elites, globalists, hypocrites like biden, Chicago’s mayor, CA governor, Pelosi to name a few. So, yes, Rebekah, it’s true …. rules are for little people.

    1. Totally. When are people going to get tired of “Rules for Thee, But Not For Me?”

      In the video Rebekah posted, just like the Met gala and Nancy Pelosi’s Napa Valley fundraiser, only the “help” are wearing masks.

      1. The workers are the ones that get stuck with the mask rules. I live in Florida, which has virtually no government imposed Covid restrictions. But at most retail establishments, basically all the ones owned by large corporations, all the employees must wear masks. It makes me very uncomfortable to see this and I try to do my business in stores that treat their employees better

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