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Buttigieg whisked out of paternity leave to do his job

If you’ve been wondering where Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigigieg has been – you haven’t, but play along – while the ports are bottlenecked, gas prices soar, and the infrastructure bill is being negotiated, well, he’s been on three months of paternity leave, since August.

In what world does a Cabinet secretary with responsibilities to the American people get to take three months off?

Biden World, apparently.

Donald Trump would have fired him so fast he wouldn’t have had time to clean out his pen holder.

Once it was revealed that Buttigieg was AWOL, the Biden administration claimed that he’d been working, kind of, all along, and that he was back, kind of.

According to the Wall Street Journal:

Mr. Buttigieg seems to comprehend the political problem of a cabinet secretary missing in action, to use Politico’s phrase, during a crisis directly related to his portfolio.

On Friday Mr. Buttigieg appeared on MSNBC and extolled the value of family-leave policies and discussed the hard work he was doing to care for the newborns. Yet he also claimed that while he was taking care of the babies, he not only participated in the work of his department but in fact made himself available “24/7” to exercise the essential decision-making functions of his job, including addressing the supply-chain crisis.

Mr. Buttigieg really is trying to have it all, presenting himself as both a supportive parent on leave from work and simultaneously an executive who is never off the clock. While the Department of Transportation may consider him to have taken paid family leave, he is essentially saying that he has actually not been on family leave, at least not in the way the Biden administration defines it.

3 thoughts on “Buttigieg whisked out of paternity leave to do his job”

  1. Did “Circle Around” Psaki write his explanation to the American people? He seems to be blowing a lot of hot air – with no real excuse- to me!

    She must have!

  2. Three months off . . . after only six months in his new job. And I’m guessing he didn’t do much during those first six months, either.


  3. “Mr. Buttigieg really is trying to have it all, ”
    I refrain from making a snarky joke this early in the day. Ralph Kramden spent more time behind the wheel of a bus that Mayor Pete has spent on supply chain woes.


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