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The late Joe Biden

Late is rude. Late is disorganized.

And Joe Biden is late for his events. All the time.

According to Fox News:

Wednesday at 2:58 pm, President Biden took to the podium in the East Room and began remarks on supply chain bottlenecks that are causing shortages of consumer goods and threatening to make Christmas gifts late.

What Biden did not address is whatever bottleneck it was that caused him to be 38 minutes late for his 2:20 pm event. Nor did he apologize for keeping everyone waiting.

Perhaps he felt there was no need, because this is to be expected. From June 1 through the end of last week, Biden was an average of 22.4 minutes late for his publicly scheduled events, according to a Fox News tally. He sometimes keeps his audiences waiting an hour or more.

In June, Biden inexplicably arrived over two hours late (two hours and 38 minutes, to be exact) for a June 14 press conference in Switzerland on the coronavirus pandemic and NATO relations.

Curiously, he never provided a reason for the late arrival, though there was speculation it was due to a tweet sent out by Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky announcing his country would be joining NATO. The announcement was not confirmed by NATO or its members.

4 thoughts on “The late Joe Biden”

  1. You mean JoeBama missed 38 minutes blaming President Trump for 10% Joe’s
    colossal failures on the economy & diplomacy.
    Afghanistan and soon to be Taiwan?

  2. And I do not see these useless ass-hats in this “WH Press Corps” having the GUTS to ask that simple question;

    ‘Why is Biden consistently late to events?’

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