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Biden forced to restore Trump ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy

This has to be painful.

President Biden says the policy was inhumane. But what was inhumane was abolishing all the Trump policies that discouraged people from coming to the border and that has now created a humanitarian disaster featuring massive illegal entrance into the country.

According to the Washington Post:

The Biden administration is prepared to reimplement the Trump-era border policy known as the Migrant Protection Protocols in mid-November if the Mexican government agrees to accept the return of asylum seekers to its territory, administration officials said Thursday.

In August, a U.S. District Court in Texas ordered the Biden administration to restart MPP, also known as “Remain in Mexico,” faulting the White House for ending the program improperly. The Supreme Court upheld the decision, forcing Biden officials to restore a policy the president has deplored as inhumane.

The Department of Homeland Security said in a statement late Thursday it is “taking necessary steps to comply with the court order, which requires us to reimplement MPP in good faith.”

MPP cannot resume without Mexico’s consent, as the court acknowledged in its ruling, and administration officials said they are taking steps to address the concerns of the government of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador by setting up better access to legal counsel for asylum seekers and exemptions for vulnerable migrants.

3 thoughts on “Biden forced to restore Trump ‘Remain in Mexico’ policy”

  1. The good news is that even the U S Supreme Court sided with the lower court ruling that the corrupt biden regime must implement President Trump’s Wait in Mexico policy.

    The bad news is that implementation will probably not happen at least not for quite a while. Why? Na ja, for one thing Mexico must agree to accept the illegals. You can bet your bottom dollar corrupt biden officials, at worst, will try to convince Mexico to not accept them or, at best, give a weak, unenthusiastic, unpersuasive argument to Mexico that they should accept the illegals. Also, the corrupt administration, through new rules and regulations and delaying tactics will prolong non-compliance for as long as they can.

  2. I’ll believe it when it actually happens. Meanwhile Joe will import more unvetted Afghan men, instead of those Afghan citizens who helped us for the past 20years. Also no one talks about Americans and allies left behind in Afghanistan. Everyday since Joe’s installation/steal has been a crap show, one disaster after another.

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