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Even Europe doesn’t like Biden: Nile Gardiner

At least with Donald Trump, they knew what they were getting and they knew he would help in a pinch and could be relied upon to uphold American interests, and theirs. But the Europeans are now wondering if they can count on the United States.

Europeans should be naturally inclined to back a liberal like President Biden. But they don’t, according to Director of the Margaret Thatcher Center for Freedom at the Heritage Foundation Nile Gardiner:

The catastrophic Afghanistan withdrawal, a massive crisis on the southern border, and a Socialist-style big government economic agenda have all combined to disillusion American voters.

Is the leader of the free world though faring any better on the international stage? After all, Biden boasted on the campaign trail about “restoring” America’s standing and credibility across the globe after the supposedly reckless approach of the Trump era.

Yet after just nine months in office, the Biden administration is increasingly viewed as a disaster among U.S. partners, who haven’t taken kindly to being unceremoniously thrown under the bus after fighting alongside the United States in Afghanistan for nearly two decades.

Countless European officials have told me privately that they simply can’t trust the Biden presidency. Some are actually reminiscing about the Trump days, with a high degree of buyer’s remorse – even in Paris.

I suspect that anti-Biden sentiment in the democratic world outside the U.S. is probably highest in the U.K., where there already existed a considerable degree of skepticism even before he became president. President Trump had a significant amount of support from Brexiteers, and was seen by sections of the Conservative Party as a strong British ally.

3 thoughts on “Even Europe doesn’t like Biden: Nile Gardiner”

  1. This is really bad news for us as a nation and for our allies. By contrast, this is great news to V Putin. The corrupt biden regime is helping V Putin accomplish one of his goals dealing with disrupting unity between us and our European allies and other allies. The chinese dictator is also very happy with the corrupt biden regime and the horrible things it’s doing to our country.

  2. Remember that it was not nuclear weaponry that defeated the USSR…. it was the ECONOMICS behind it.

    You beat the Russians and Chinese with Economics — and a strong economy will break the backs of these folks. Sadly, we’ll have to wait until the market turns up in Summer/Fall of 2024 when a Trump win is seen by the markets.

  3. If you happen to be a European ally of the U.S., I imagine it’s a little like being the turtle carrying the scorpion across the river.

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