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Frightened Virginia governor candidate McAuliffe calls on Obama for a rescue

The Democrats thought they had Virginia all locked up as a blue state, but the polls in the gubernatorial race between former Gov. Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin are just about even.

So McAuliffe has called in Barack Obama, who will appear in Richmond Saturday. Not clear if he is going to drive more Republicans than Democrats to vote, but McAuliffe thinks it’s worth the chance. And McAuliffe desperately needs high black turnout, so he is also calling in Stacey Abrams, who on Sunday will lead a “souls to the polls” drive.


11 thoughts on “Frightened Virginia governor candidate McAuliffe calls on Obama for a rescue”

  1. Don’t really know much about the GOP candidate, but heard a snippet and I like his candor, no non-sense. McAuliffe makes my skin crawl.


  2. I sure hope McAuliffe loses. My daughter moved recently from Ghana, Africa to Richmond. She’s an enthusiastic supporter of the far left progressive agenda. She wasted no time in registering as a resident of VA so she could vote for the demoncrats next month. She engaged in vicious verbal and written attacks on me for being a Trump supporter. She has calmed down and since NOV of last year has refrained from attacking me and has actually been kind and respectful towards me. I thank God for that. For being a Trump supporter, my son and his wife have cut me off from having a relationship with my 2 little grandsons. They have not invited me to their residence since JAN of 2019. His wife, all of a sudden in the summer of 2019, blocked my emails to her so I can’t even ask how my grandchildren are doing. My heart is torn to shreds but, out of love for them, I keep them in my prayers. There are indeed evil forces working against our country. God help us all.

      1. Thank you for the suggestion, DRK. We live in different states. But, frankly, I prefer to not engage in litigation. In my old age (I will be 73 in DEC), I don’t need this kind of high stress, ugly involvement by lawyers, judges and God only knows who else. My son was 41 when all of this erupted. My son had always been apolitical, always kind and respectful towards me. My son married late, at age 40. His wife saw at Christmas time 2017 stuff in my residence showing that I was a Trump supporter. That’s all it took; she went ballistic. I had never talked politics to my son nor to his wife. It’s a story that is hard to believe but that’s the way it is. I will continue to love them and treat them with respect and with prayers. Again DRK, thanks for the suggestion.

        1. JG, Very sad to hear of your situation with your children, mine are brainwashed too but not to the degree of TDS as yours. One day I hope they realize what they have done to you, their kids and themselves and ask you for their forgiveness. Totally uncalled for, life is too short for this kind of hatred, especially towards family.

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