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Art gallery featuring Hunter Biden paintings received massive Covid loan

According to the New York Post:

“A federal COVID loan to the art gallery repping Hunter Biden more than doubled after his father took office, records show.

“The Georges Berges Gallery initially received a $150,000 COVID “disaster assistance loan” from the Small Business Administration last year, according to public records.

“But the loan was recently “revised,” with the SBA approving a further $350,000 to the SoHo gallery this summer, records show. The approval came on July 26, in the lead-up to Berges’ exclusive marketing of 15 paintings by the president’s scandal-scarred son, public records show.

“Berges declined to specifically respond to repeated queries from The Post on whether the Bidens interceded in his loans; if any of the government cash went directly to Hunter Biden as a salary or stipend; or if any of it was used to market his artwork . . .

“While there is no evidence President Biden helped secure the additional $350,000 loan, a watchdog group found that of the more than 100 galleries in New York City’s 10th congressional district, which includes SoHo, TriBeCa and Chelsea, the Georges Berges Gallery received ‘by far’ the largest SBA disaster loan windfall.”

7 thoughts on “Art gallery featuring Hunter Biden paintings received massive Covid loan”

  1. I am shocked, shocked I tell you that the Biden Bribery machine is still cranking along without the MSM even raising a question.

    And they shrieked about Trump’s Hotels. FFS.

    1. Hahahaha. This type of stuff happens so often, we need an acronym for “You Can’t Make This Sh*t Up.” YCMTSU.

      Maybe it’s already out there and I don’t know what it is!!?

  2. Not suprised by anything associated with the Biden’s corrupt dealings. I long for the days of the Clinton’s selling out the Lincoln bedroom for cash. They had nothing on this bunch.

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