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Kamala Harris disappears as the Biden administration crises continue

She’s either incompetent or a brilliant political strategist.

More likely the former, since we haven’t seen any brilliant political strategies from her in the past.

On the one hand, keeping your head low while everything goes to hell is a good political idea. On the other, by being so absent, she looks like she can’t do the job of president.

Though a former senator, there is no evidence of her participating in the debt ceiling and spending bill dealing on Capitol Hill. That is probably because she has no relationships in the Senaate and no ability to deal with the issues and negotiate. Meantime, how are those root causes of the border crisis going?

This person was chosen not for her abilities, but to get votes. And it shows.

Kelly Sadler writes in the Washington Times:

As the southern border crisis rages, the Taliban regain control of Afghanistan, Dr. Anthony Fauci declaring Christmas may have to be canceled because of the COVID-19 pandemic, Democrats infighting over a $3.5 trillion social welfare bill, inflation spiking, supply-chains disrupted, and the U.S. possibly breaching its debt limit, our Vice President Kamala Harris is MIA.

On Friday, Ms. Harris took a stealth trip to Palm Springs, California, with the White House not disclosing the reason for her non-public visit. The following day she was gone. The trip confused some Biden allies, who have wondered why the former senator hasn’t been more present in President Biden’s effort to pass his embattled welfare bill on Capitol Hill.

On Sunday, Ms. Harris and her husband Doug Emhoff were pictured power walking in Washington, D.C. There was nothing on her public schedule all weekend long.

It’s not that Ms. Harris doesn’t have several high-profile tasks. She’s been put in charge of addressing the origins of the southern border migrant surge, expanding voting rights, increasing broadband access, addressing Black maternal mortality, racial inequality, promoting women in the workforce and is the leader of the Space Council.

No visible progress has been made on any of it.

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