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White House: Sorry about your gas prices, but global warming can’t wait

In a typical bout of unrestrained elitism, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki downplayed the rise of gasoline prices to their highest point since . . . the Obama administration . . . suggesting that climate change has to come first.

“Certainly, we all want to keep gasoline prices low, but the threat of the crisis — the climate crisis — certainly can’t wait any longer,” Psaki said.


Climate change is “one of the greatest national security crises the president sees,” Psaki said. What’s more, “a number of other world leaders agree on that front.”

As if what they thought mattered to someone trying to pay their bills and run their car.


The Energy Department is now considering tapping the Strategic Petroleum Reserve. But that won’t solve the basic problem. Your energy costs are going up, possibly way up, as the Biden administration seeks to end the use of fossil fuels. And the White House doesn’t particularly care.


4 thoughts on “White House: Sorry about your gas prices, but global warming can’t wait”

  1. Yesterday in Los Angeles County I paid $4.98 per gallon for premium gas. The far left (Biden) could care less about the present and the life Americans are currently living. They only care about some nebulous future which they are forcing down our throats.

  2. Got to love how they only fight climate change here, imploring US to sacrifice, but ignore it in other countries, predominantly those that produce crude oil. Idiocy.


  3. Trying to control world wide carbon emission is a joke. The two biggest polluters, China and India, are exempt because they are so called “developing” nations. The theory by the globalists (supported by the corrupt biden regime) is that developing nations need to catch up with the “wealthy” countries so they need be exempted. The Paris Climate Accord promised hundreds of billions of dollars to help all nations clean up the environment. They all readily signed the Agreement and now demand the billions of dollars. These are corrupt gov’ts, most of the money will go the corrupt government officials and very little will go to environmental cleanup. The entire thing is a joke, a charade and it’s destroying our country!

  4. I will be so glad the climate was saved, after my family and I are dead because we couldn’t afford to eat and our jobs were gone. What a downright sick thoughts.

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