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Biden to spend the day pushing vaccine mandates

According to Fox News:

The president will meet with leaders in Chicago who have implemented vaccine requirements, including Illinois Gov. J.B. Pritzker, Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot and United Airlines CEO Scott Kirby.

The president will visit a construction site in Elk Grove Village being built by Clayco, one of the largest construction companies in the Midwest. At the event, Clayco is expected to announce its “strong support” of Biden’s plan to require vaccinations or weekly testing. The company is also set to announce its implementation of system of vaccinations or testing to all of their employees, in line with Biden’s requirements.

Biden signed an executive order last month requiring that all workers in the Executive Branch be vaccinated against COVID-19. Biden also signed an order to require businesses with more than 100 workers to mandate coronavirus vaccinations.

White House officials, in previewing the president’s trip, said his message “will be clear.”

“Vaccination requirements work. Vaccination requirements get more people vaccinated, helping to end the pandemic and strengthen the economy,” an official said. “That’s why he’s leading on implementing vaccination requirements for 100 million workers – two-thirds of all workers in the U.S.”

4 thoughts on “Biden to spend the day pushing vaccine mandates”

  1. My husband and I had dinner last night with long time friends from Indiana. After being double vaccinated with the Phizer vaccine, they both developed COVID. He has a relatively mild case, but she developed pneumonia and was off work for 3 weeks (monoclonal antibodies helped). Interestingly, another couple they were spending time with (also double vaccinated) developed COVID at the same time. The husband had a mild case, but the wife remains in the hospital 2 months later.

    I know this is anecdotal, but in my own small corner of the world, I now know of 4 double vaccinated people who developed COVID and 2 were very, very ill. It’s still touch and go for one.

    When our leaders are telling us one thing and we’re seeing another, our confidence them falls apart.

  2. A mental midget meeting with two political hacks.
    Pushing vaxx crap, think this will be discussed?
    Getting tired of JoeBama and his bull.

    h/t to

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    Year to Date
    Shot & Killed: 628
    Shot & Wounded: 3028
    Total Shot: 3656
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  3. Vaccines mandates work.
    Yeah, especially when you threaten job and benefit loss to it.
    I am pro vax, believe it in.
    I just prefer to make THAT decision myself and not have my employer or my government force it upon me. Might as well bring back the Army draft.


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