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Biden Schedule | Friday, October 8, 2021

9:30 am | Receives the President’s Daily Briefing
10:00 am | Signs into law S. 1828 “the HAVANA act of 2021” and S. 1917 “the K-12 Cybersecurity act of 2021
11:30 am | Delivers remarks on the September jobs report; South Court Auditorium
1:45 pm | Delivers remarks on restoring protections for national monuments
2:30 pm | Receives the weekly economic briefing
6:15 pm | Departs White House
7:10 pm | Arrives Wilmington, Delaware

All times Eastern
Live stream of White House briefing at 2:30 pm


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3 thoughts on “Biden Schedule | Friday, October 8, 2021”

    1. He will probably blame everybody except himself and his handlers. He will probably blame President Trump, on COVID by blaming all those deplorable Trump supporters who refuse to be ordered to take the vaccine, etc., etc. He will probably spin the situation to make him look good. How in heavens name will he do this, I don’t know but his handlers will come up with something no matter how laughable. They don’t care.

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