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Washington Post still investigating the Trump presidency

How about some stories on Hunter Biden or the corruption in the Biden administration?

Haven’t heard about the corruption in the Biden administration? That’s because nobody is looking for it.

Nope. The Washington Post has come up with a big story today on the use of private charter jets by former Secretary of HHS Tom Price.

Ring a bell? That’s right, this scandal was already uncovered. And it occurred four years ago. And Price reimbursed the government $60,000. It’s just that, the Washington Post got ahold of some new emails talking about charter flights. So they used it to pound the Trump administration again, even though the scandal was already reported and Trump is no longer president. In two ways, beating a dead horse.

And how big a scandal is this? Is it efficient for the secretary of the federal agency with the largest budget, higher than that of the Department of Defense, to be sitting around train stations and airports? What’s more, a charter flight, which might cost like $20,000, eats up the tickets not just of the secretary but of his aides and whoever else grabs a ride.



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