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Biden was paying $5 million a day NOT to build the border wall

Turns out the contractors have contracts and still have to be paid.

According to former Border Patrol chief Rodney Scott, at the start of the Biden administration, some $5 million a day was being spent as work on the wall stopped. Why not at least finish out the contracts? The wall by definition has to at least slow the flow of people into the United States, even if you think there are better solutions.

You see, most people have trouble walking through walls. It’s, you know, physics.

But for President Biden, $5 million a day was spent so he would not be seen doing something Donald Trump wanted.


5 thoughts on “Biden was paying $5 million a day NOT to build the border wall”

  1. Disgusting. This is what happens when you spend other people’s money. You squander it. Infuriating. Every politician should have a financial stake in every monetary decision they make. That would make them pay attention and be more judicious with OUR hard earned money.


  2. This tells us everything we need to know about the Biden administration. They only care about far-left ideology. Fiscal responsibility means NOTHING to them. Period.

  3. Let’s just call this faux administration what it appears to be: Obama’s third term. Construction of the border wall was not just what President Trump wanted, it was we The American People wanted. We will no longer exist as a sovereign nation if the Obama/Harris/Biden administration continues to do this.

  4. I think there are a several hundred thousand immigrants coming in over the border per month now, I may be off by a several, maybe hundreds of thousands, but expect the open borders policy to result in ten or twenty million per month when they get the system fully operating, so likely there will be a billion people in the US inside of five years with the vast majority being immigrants from all over the world.

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