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Biden Schedule | Thursday, October 7, 2021

9:30 am | Receives the President’s Daily Briefing
Noon | Departs White House
2:00 pm | Arrives Chicago
3:10 pm | Tours Clayco Construction Site, Elk Grove Village, Illinois
3:45 pm | Delivers remarks on COVID-19 vaccine requirements for businesses; Clayco Construction Site, Elk Grove Village, Illinois
5:15 pm | Departs Chicago
7:20 pm | Arrives White House

All times Eastern


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5 thoughts on “Biden Schedule | Thursday, October 7, 2021”

    1. CPD will probably chase off the anti biden crowd and the Illinois democrat machine will hire some people to carry pro-joe signs.

  1. Another day in which the Presidential Schedule is mis-characterized. When is nap time? When does he change clothes after accidents? When does he get the ice cream he so justly deserves?

  2. CLAYCO does about $4b in revenue per year. Good for them.
    But hey Mr. President, what about the little guy you say you stand up for? How about you ride with a single man electrician or plumber, stop into a local deli, talk to a septic cleaner. Clayco is probably a great company, but it does not represent the average Joe, and neither do you, Joseph.


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