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Republicans trying to stop Biden’s IRS from snooping in your checking account

The more power the state gets through innocent-seeming “programs” designed the “help,” the more it thinks it has a right to do whatever it wants with your life.

At least some Republicans are trying to put a stop to the latest plan to catch tax cheats by probing everyone’s checking accounts.

According to Fox News:

Republicans in Congress have introduced legislation aimed at stopping a proposal from the Biden administration that would force banks to report every customer transaction of $600 or more to the Internal Revenue Service.

Sen. Tommy Tuberville, R-Ala., introduced the Protecting Financial Privacy Act of 2021 last week, which would “prohibit any Federal agency from requiring financial institutions to report on the financial transactions of their customers.”

Tuberville told FOX Business’ Larry Kudlow that the legislation is aimed at stopping “the Gestapo agency of the IRS” from spying on Americans through their bank accounts.

“They want everything,” the Alabama Republican said of the IRS. “They want to know how much money you got in the bank, how much you’re spending if you bought a wedding dress or a gun – they’re going to have a list a mile long on you.”

Rep. Ashley Hinson, R-Iowa, introduced the bill in the House of Representatives, saying in a statement, “The push to include this provision in reconciliation, along with $80 billion to nearly quadruple the IRS budget, is reflective of how backwards Democrat priorities are right now – we need more border agents, not more IRS agents.”


6 thoughts on “Republicans trying to stop Biden’s IRS from snooping in your checking account”

  1. The evil Dems don’t want anyone to have anything anymore (except for the wealthy elites) . . . no savings, no 401Ks, no property. They want to tax and confiscate as much as possible. They want to crush the middle class. And no matter what the congressional Republicans say, I don’t think they remotely grasp the bigger picture.

  2. So let me get this straight: They want to defund the police, but spend billions on new IRS agents to spy on everyday Americans.
    Our nation is upside down right now. Pray 2022 corrects it.


    1. I am with you, Harv. Pray that Almighty God looks with favor on our nation, that the correction be made at next year’s midterms and that, if there is ballot fraud, that it be at a minimum so as not to adversely affect the election results.

  3. Republicans better find their MOJO fast, or we’re all going down. They need to stop being go-long-get-along.

    They need to stand up for US citizens because no one seems to be willing to support the everyday Joe and Jane, certainly not the George Soros run Democrat party.

  4. Remind me much back taxes are owed by Joe Biden and Al Sharpton? Have they paid up what’s owed? The average but fast diminishing middle class US citizen, pays their taxes with very little return on investment. The Republicans should be looking into the finances of the Biden/Clinton/Pelosi/Feinstein/Obama/Warren/Waters crime families finances. Hiring all these new IRS employees tells us that Leftists don’t want a middle class. I don’t know which is the greater enemy of the country, Leftists or Republicans?

  5. I worked for a major Canadian bank for 26 years. My last position was Manager, Cash Loss Control at the bank’s main offices in Toronto, and my department was involved in many things, but mostly detecting and reporting money laundering. I never heard of my bank or any bank in Canada reporting customer withdrawals to the government. The only reporting I did was to the RCMP, and only for suspicious cash deposits over $10,000.

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