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Presidency costs Trump financially as he is bumped off Forbes 400 list

Wasn’t Donald Trump accused of running for president to make a profit?

Instead, it appears to have cost him. A lot. Hanging on to his assets after becoming president instead of just putting them in a fund cost him $2 billion.

What is clear is that Trump, by taking strong stands, ensured that political views inform decisions about whether to stay at his properties. If he wanted to just make money, he would have tried to please everybody, not just some people.

According to The Hill:

Trump’s fortune dropped to $2.5 bill, according to the Forbes 400 on Tuesday, which is $400 million short of the cutoff needed to make the list.

This is the first time in 25 years Trump has not been on Forbes 400, with him on the top half of the list from 1997 to 2016 until he became president.

Forbes said Trump could have been worth around $7 billion by September 2021 in an alternative scenario but his financial decisions took him down a different path.

One decision Forbes said cost Trump $2 billion was hanging on to his assets when he took office in 2017. If he would have put the money in an index tracking fund, he could have earned $4.5 billion by 2021.

6 thoughts on “Presidency costs Trump financially as he is bumped off Forbes 400 list”

  1. One thing that is not mentioned in the quote above from the Hill is the following from Newsmax

    “It noted the worldwide outbreak of COVID-19 has been hard on hotels and resorts that bear his name, and on office buildings key to his wealth.
    Bloomberg estimated the value of the former president’s commercial real estate properties fell by 26% between 2016 and 2021.”

    Other factors, I believe, that reduced his net worth are as follows:
    1. Lawyers _ Defending himself in the numerous lawsuits and other actions against him, some of which are still on-going. To name a few, the 2 yr long mueller witch hunt, two impeachments, 2 continuing lawsuits against him by NY (one civil, one criminal), the House committee investigating his tax returns looking for something to accuse him of. Lawyers are extremely expensive and when they are continuous and intensive, costs add up, even for a billionaire.

    2. The Covid relief legislation passed when he was still president. Self-righteous pelosi put in wording that hotels and other business were to be helped financially with one exception, Trump Properties. Trump signed the legislation into law anyway.

    President Trump sacrificed a lot in fighting for us, the average, hard working, taxpaying American. He exposed the deep state, the swamp; he went against everything that the elites supported and promoted. But he kept fighting on our behalf. May God bless President Trump

  2. We knew he was giving up the money chase when he ran for POTUS. It was that important to him that he bring what turned out to be the most courageous agenda of any modern president that made us really “great again”.
    We enjoyed prosperity, energy independence, respect from around the world and it just galled the opposition.
    Now, today, we are floundering, unsure of what is going to happen next, no one trusts the USA to keep it’s word, we’re invaded by millions of grifters who have no intention of becomeing American citizens, but just to pilfer our assets.
    He was one of a kind, an black swan, and we loved it.

  3. Trump knew this was a risk when he ran for President, but he cared more about America than himself — rare for a politician.

    JG is right. Trump was obviously financially impacted by the onslaught of litigation brought on by the Swamp creatures that wanted to maintain their ecosystem.

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