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CNN reporter: Kabul withdrawal ‘much more horrifying’ than Saigon

“How can we call this an extraordinary success, as the Biden administration has done,” asks CNN’s brave Clarissa Ward from Kabul.

1 thought on “CNN reporter: Kabul withdrawal ‘much more horrifying’ than Saigon”

  1. It’s all about perception. That is what biden has done his entire corrupt political career. Biden used that term when talking to the Afghan president just before the fall of Kabul. Biden told the Afghan president that he has to create the perception that everything is fine, under control when, in fact, nothing was under control. This is why the corrupt biden administration keeps calling the withdrawal an extraordinary success. But the American people (most of us anyway) are not dumb. Most of us are not buying it. In my mind, perception as used by biden and his enablers/handlers is the same as outright, shameless lying.

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