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Liz Cheney headed to New Hampshire

Politicians only travel to New Hampshire, particularly in a cold month like November, if they have the presidential primary on their minds.

All signs suggest that Wyoming Rep. Liz Cheney thinks of herself as the leader of the anti-Trump forces in the Republican Party. This triup suggests that she is going to oppose him in the primaries.

According to the New Hampshire Union Leader:

U.S. Rep. Liz Cheney, whose independence has cost her the enmity of Donald Trump as well as her Republican Party leadership post, will be the featured speaker at the Nackey S. Loeb School’s First Amendment Honors program in November.

Cheney is embroiled in a tough primary of her own against a Trump-backed challenger for her House seat. But of course, she can run for president whether she wins that or not.

4 thoughts on “Liz Cheney headed to New Hampshire”

  1. The biggest regret of my political life was supporting the Bush/Cheney administration. I should have listened to the civil libertarians who were warning of the big government to come. Now, Liz is trying to buttress her father’s obviously failed policies. The never-Trumpers like Liz have such a fragile ego they can’t take the verbal tactics Trump employs. Doesn’t Liz even notice the destruction of American values that are evident all around the country? No, it’s all about her, her Daddy, and the Bush doctrine — open borders, wars abroad, and the spreading of democracy.

      1. I am one of those who regret my support for Bush/ Cheney. Liz and GW both have nothing but disdain for Trump and his supporters, ignoring the neocon and leftist disasters.

  2. I understand the regret… the issue is that the Republicans run Uni-party turds and will continue to do so without people like Trump.

    Now I can only hope that Trump learned from his first term and he take a blow torch during the second…. Gives contracts for the wall to more firms.. gets it done in less time, etc…

    As for Liz… I remember some turds ran as Republicans against Trump in 2020… Do you remember them? Me neither.

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