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Leftist Democrats threaten to blow up Biden’s whole agenda

Well, bad move. Because they going to lose control of the House and Senate in a year and a half, and this is their last chance to get most of what they want.

Ignore the hysteria. In the end, they’ll probably give in and settle for less than $3.5 trillion. Why? See above. ^^^

According to the Washington Examiner:

A large faction of House liberals is threatening to derail President Joe Biden’s economic agenda by voting against a critical infrastructure bill Democrats hope to pass this week.

More than half of the 95-member House Progressive Caucus will vote against the $1.2 trillion infrastructure package that Speaker Nancy Pelosi planned to bring up for a vote later this week. The group is insisting that the House and Senate first pass a $3.5 trillion social welfare spending bill that is not yet written and lacks full support among Democrats.

The infrastructure measure now lacks the votes to pass.

“It will fail,” Rep. Jan Schakowsky, an Illinois Democrat, said following a closed-door meeting with party lawmakers Tuesday. “We had an agreement that we were going to get these two pieces.”

Despite the mounting opposition, Democratic leaders have not abandoned plans to call up a vote on the infrastructure package . . .

Senate Budget Committee Chairman Bernie Sanders, a Vermont Independent and socialist, took to call on House Democrats to vote against the infrastructure package, directly countering the efforts of Pelosi and other House Democratic leaders hoping to push the measure across the legislative finish line.

“No infrastructure bill should pass without a $3.5 trillion reconciliation bill,” Sanders tweeted. “That is the agreement that was made & that is the agreement that must be kept. Physical infrastructure is important, but the needs of working families & combating climate change is more important.”


5 thoughts on “Leftist Democrats threaten to blow up Biden’s whole agenda”

  1. I don’t know how all this will turn out but I sure hope the $3.5 trillion piece of junk fails and, if it means non passage of the infrastructure, so be it. The demoncrats sure stick together but let’s hope, for the good of our country, that they don’t this time

    1. JG, I hope this bill and the infrastructure bill both fail.

      Both are filled with social engineer projects that will change life as we know it. If the infrastructure bill was truly to fix road, bridges, etc we would all be behind it but only a fraction is to fix the country’s infrastructure.

  2. As Kudlow remarked yesterday: Unemployment is not great, but not terrible. The economy is recovering, albeit some sectors lagging. WHY WHY WHY are we going deep into debt and for what? Answer: because they can.



    1. And also because everything they do further weakens this country which is, after all, racist, etc etc. Truly a mystery why people all around the world still want to come to this racist country which is the most evil country ever in the history of the world. Or some such nonsense.

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