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John Hinckley Jr., who nearly killed Reagan, granted unconditional release

He shot Ronald Reagan and three others. He was declared innocent by reason of insanity. Which brought us to this day.

Yes, John Hinckley Jr. can go anywhere he likes and do anything he wants.

How do you ever prove someone who was insane enough to try to kill people is fully cured and won’t do it again?

From an article published in the Washington Post Monday by Patti Davis, Reagan’s daughter:

Over the years, I have written other columns about John Hinckley, pretty much every time he has lobbied for — and gotten — more freedom.

Every time I have weighed in my mind the value of informing people that this man who shot four people on a chilly March day in 1981 — shooting three of them out of the way so he could try to kill my father — shouldn’t be granted more liberty. I have weighed that against the reality that by writing I was giving Hinckley, a diagnosed narcissist, the attention he craved . . .

Now, Hinckley’s last restrictions have been lifted. He can now, if he wants, contact me, my siblings and the actress Jodie Foster, whom, as is well known, he was trying to impress by carrying out his ambush. His lawyer, Barry Levine, said Monday that Hinckley wanted to express “profound regret” to the families of his victims, Foster and the American people . . .

I was going to stay silent this time. But again I bargained with the devil, and again I decided that silence wasn’t an option.

I think I always knew this day would come. Levine has been relentless on Hinckley’s behalf; he wasn’t going to stop until he secured complete freedom for his client. People’s memories have faded. That burst of gunfire outside the Washington Hilton was a long time ago. I have friends who weren’t even born then.

But for me, for my family, for Foster, the memory of that day will never fade. In my mind’s eye, I will always picture Hinckley’s cold eyes as he blew open White House press secretary Jim Brady’s head, as he wounded Secret Service Special Agent Tim McCarthy and Metropolitan Police Department Officer Thomas Delahanty. I will always picture my father being shoved into the limousine after a shot struck his lung and nearly grazed his heart.

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  1. Hmmmm.
    Quite possibly he will find employment on the Clinton’s Arkincide Hit Squad.
    At the risk of being banished, John, maybe a visit to WDC would be in order to show your gratitude.

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