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CNN’s Tapper calls out Biden administration for railroading Border Patrol agents

President Biden said, “I promise you, those people will pay,” of the Border Patrol agents who were seen on horseback trying to prevent Haitian illegal immigrants from entering the country. DHS Secretary Mayorkas said he was “horrified.”

And then there is supposed to be an independent investigation?

Biden will likely throw some agents to the mob, even though horses are routinely used by law enforcement for crowd control and nobody was whipped, as initially alleged. Because Biden is part of the mob.

4 thoughts on “CNN’s Tapper calls out Biden administration for railroading Border Patrol agents”

  1. Not only “nobody was whipped,” but THEY DON’T CARRY WHIPS — those are reins!

    I love how everyone in the media who know absolutely nothing about horses are suddenly experts.

  2. I feel sorry for the Border Patrol agents who are working so hard and doing their best in a hopeless situation. The men riding the horses must be so depressed. They tried to do their best, yet Biden and the MSM lie and malign them. It’s a wonder the agents don’t quit.

  3. Tapper calling him out is fine, but really, listening to either of these people is a total waste of brain cells. Mayorkas rides the fence, horrified that he might be wrong either way. Total Woos. Total beurocrat. These are the people we need to rid our nation of.


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